Shri. Nikhil Sen

Shri. Nikhil Sen belongs to that rare breed of professional leaders in today’s business world… a one-organization man, who has then moved on to becoming a successful business entrepreneur with Unibic Biscuits India. He has risen from the role of a Management Trainee in Britannia through the sales team culminating in his appointment as Head of domestic as well as exports sales in 1990. He also managed the marketing function of one of India’s most visible and vibrant companies. In early 2000, after business leadership stints in the SBUs he has risen to lead one of India’s most trusted brands and most sought after Food companies….. with a sales turnover of around Rs.15 billion and profits of around Rs.2 billion as Chief Operating Officer. He then moved on to become a founder share holder for Unibic Biscuits in India. Under his stewardship the company has been able to carve a niche for itself at the premium end of the cookie market. Shri. Nikhil Sen is a strategist of repute. When Britannia was, despite its highly visible state, becoming a niche player in the premium segment Mr. Sen is credited to have co-authored the strategy of re inventing brand Britannia and launch of Tiger brand in the mass market. Tiger is India’s very own creation and contribution to the Biscuit world and its mercuric rise and mammoth success is believed to have led Britannia’s Global associate to invite Mr. Sen and his team to the South East Asian countries to replicate Tiger in those countries. His strategic initiatives include “Britannia for a life time” which made the brand relevant to various age groups through a detailed cohort analysis. This resulted in Britannia successfully straddling both ends of the spectrum i.e. health and staples on the one hand fulfilling hunger appeasement and snacking and indulgence fulfilling oral gratification on the other.

Shri. Gautam Mukharji

Gautam Mukherjee is the Trustee of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust from April 2017. Gautam ji brings with him wealth of experience in managing businesses and is one of the oldest serving member in The Art of Living organization. He guides strategy, admininstration of SSRVM institutions ensuring value-based, holistic and stress-free education to children and young adults.

Smt. Rajita Kulkarni

Rajita Ji was the Trustee of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir Trust from 2009-13 and again from April 2017. Rajita Ji guides the strategy, academics and administration of these institutions ensuring value based, holistic and stress free education to children and young adults.

World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) – Brussels, Belgium
As the President of WFEB Rajita leads a global Board of Directors comprising Members of European Parliament, CEOs, and international experts from business and development. In the last 6 years of her presidency she has built and worked with global coalitions of organisations from the public and private sector, government and institutions like the United Nations, The World Bank Group, The European Parliament, The Council of Europe, CERN, The International Olympic Association, FIFA, The Max Planck Institute, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, Chambers of Commerce and various civil society organisations. In 2016 she steered WFEB to become part of a Global Partnership of 86 Institutions including Harvard, Stanford, UNDP, OECD, OGP, Accenture, GIZ, University of Birmingham among others. WFEB has taken the message of ethics, good governance and transparency in business around the world with annual conferences in the European Parliament, national/regional conferences in London, Singapore, Netherlands, Slovenia, Nepal, Poland, Russia, India, Geneva, Zurich and Mexico.

Sri Sri University – Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha, India
Rajita took over as the President of the prestigious Sri Sri University in India in April 2017. Before that she served as a member of the Board of Governors of Sri Sri University from 2009.

Rajita is a certified Integral Associate Coach by Integral Coaching Canada
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Ved Vigan Maha Vidya Peeth – India
As the Governor of Finance she oversees the administration of 425 educational institutions in India that reach free education to over 55000 children 20 states of India. These schools also offer free mid day meals, uniforms, extra curricular facilities and transportation to the children. She supports and guides the team in forging collaborations, fund raising and financial governance. ( )

Art of Living Health and Education Trust – Washington, USA
As a member of the Board of AOLHET, Rajita is involved in supporting the mandate of holistic education around the world.

Citibank, N A.- Asia Pacific Region
Before committing her life to the full time service of society in 2010, Rajita Ji was a banker for 18 years with Citi. She held many international leadership positions in her career, last of which was Asia Pacific Head for Customer Advocacy & Training for the Retail Assets Business of Citibank. Her portfolio responsibility was annual revenues of 750 million US dollars, 16000 employees and over 800 branches across 12 countries.

Public Appearances, Awards, Books
* Rajita travels the world extensively addressing various international fora to advocate the message of excellence, ethics and human values. She has participated in and addressed over 100 international conferences and seminars. (Annexure 1)

** She has won 17 awards for professional excellence in her field and has clocked over 1 million man-hours in training and development of over 100000 participants.

*** Considered an expert in the field of leadership training, she has designed 85 management exercises and learning tools released in a book “Focus Forward”.

Rajita has authored a book “The Gift of Life” an anthology of poems and co-authored two books “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – One World Family” and “The Great Women of India”. Thousands of readers find inspiration in her writings on life and leadership on her blog

Rajita’s articles and interviews have been published on various websites( The World Bank Group, United Nations TV) , blogs and newspapers in the world, including The New Europe, Times of India, Odisha Dairy, Chitralekha, Femina, The New Woman among others.

Rajita is a humanitarian, an educationist, a writer, a global leader and a leadership coach
President, World Forum for Ethics Business(, President, Sri Sri University(, Trustees Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust(, CEO TLEX Europ and Asia(, Board Member, AOL Health and Education Trust(, Governor of Finance Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth(


Smt. Mohana Sundari Jaganathan

Smt. J Mohanasundari started her teaching career in Selam Sri Sarada College and moved on to teach in Coimbatore Institute of Technology for 14yrs. In 1992, she moved from teaching to develop her entrepreneurial skills plunging into business with her husband Rotarian PHF K Jaganathan for manufacturing of brand little Master Mini Monobloc Pump and Brand Welding Electrodes by KAYJAY SHARP TRENDYS & SHARP ELECTRODES PVT LTD respectively. Her husband persuaded her to pursue a post graduation degree in Management. While being in business she did her MBA empowering her to hone her business acumen. Today Smt. J Mohanasundari admirably manages both the businesses in exemplary fashion. Both companies are in growth mode. Being a lady she encourages a number of women employees from the nearby villages for operating CNC machines, Automated Coil Winding Machines and Manufacturing Brand Monobolc Pumps. She is Board member in Avinashilingam JSS, Trustee in Sharp I.T.C, Member in FICCI ladies Organisation (FLO) & Member in Inner Wheel Club of Coimbatore West.


Shri. Gautham Chellaram

Gautam Chellaram is an industrialist of repute in the shipping industry and currently directs the commercial operations of KC Maritime from Hong Kong. With a strong background in commerce and people management, Gautam brings to the SSRVM Trust international experience, scalable growth and professional management. He joined KC Maritime in 2001 and was appointed Commercial Director in 2005.