In global industries today, traditional business rules have not been able to hold ground in unpredictable situations of economic crises, and the business world being more unified, it has a negative impact not just on the national or global economy, but also on the shared societal fabric.

Financial recession or not, the universal challenge here is to maximize long-term gains for all stakeholders. The market is challenged to formulate dynamic businesses and industries that can rewrite the rules of the global economy to cope with sudden fluctuations. This creates a demand for professionals who can learn and unlearn faster to adapt to dynamic roles which are more leadership-oriented. Companies are finding it increasingly difficult to source the right talent. To overcome this crunch, a bottom-up paradigm shift is required in the educational fabric, and a strategic reworking in the curricula content and the manner in which knowledge is delivered to students. Only then, the problem of employability can be solved, and a match be found among the available jobs and the millions of graduates who are required to be suitable for the jobs.

The baton doesn’t stop here, because in the long run, unless the new age professionals create a robust economy and social order, the market and the globe will be vulnerable to a host of social and economic fluctuations. For this, strong leadership skills and an unshakeable sense of conscientiousness are required in today’s students. This will empower the students with solid professional expertise, a sustained urge to learn and implement faster, and to take up roles and responsibilities that have a broader desirable impact upon the society.

Sri Sri University curricula are positioned to provide world-class, holistic education matching the industry requirements and market demands. The Sri Sri University value differentiator in higher education is the unmatched focus on students’ overall development. This revolves around cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth to groom students with unshakeable inner values and a broad vision – Which evolves a personality who sails through any adversity and serves as a role model.

Sri Sri University is timely positioned to provide:

Employable skill sets
  • Professional education mapped to industry requirements
People skills
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem
  • Proactive attitude
  • Professionalism
  • Right communication skills
  • Cultural adaptability
Integrated human values
  • Ethics and morals
  • Social awareness
  • Modern skills and ancient wisdom
  • Strong sense of ownership towards the professional and social eco-system (the organization, the country and the world)
  • Ability to take greater responsibilities for desirable economic and social changes
Inner engineering
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Breaking free of mental barriers that inhibit individual growth
  • Physical, emotional and intellectual growth through proven breathing techniques and yoga


Sri Sri University is conceptualized with a vision to establish an international multi-disciplinary university that imparts value-based higher education, making it uniquely positioned to develop broadminded thinkers, visionary leaders and socially accountable global citizens.

Today’s society faces a dearth of adequately skilled graduates with a broad outlook who are geared for the challenges of a dynamically changing world. The need of the hour is a pool of young brains who are imbibed with professional competence and rooted in human values. An education that caters to both these needs is the elixir to sustain an accelerating economy.

Sri Sri University aims to deliver international standard of education that equips its students with skills to meet the demands of the industry along with a broad, society-conscious attitude. The teaching philosophy is designed to nurture tomorrow’s leaders as catalysts of societal and economic changes, who share bigger responsibilities as global citizens.

This initiative solidifies His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s vision of “transformation through education”. Sri Sri University is positioned to be a pioneer in holistic education through an integrated approach that incorporates social, economic and spiritual dimensions of an individual.


Sri Sri University aims to create centers of excellence for providing knowledge, education, training, and research facilities of high order in the fields of science, technology, media, healthcare, business and vedic sciences. he University shall provide a platform for national and international participation in diverse areas of higher education with close involvement of industry.

The endeavor is to have,

  • World-class infrastructure with in-campus residential facilities for students, faculty and staff
  • The curricula of the university as a blend of the traditional and the modern.
  • Robust teacher student ratio to ensure greater focus on the student’s personal development
  • Innovative educational forums to enable thought leadership
  • Human values and spirituality as an integral part of education


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