The Art of Living Helpline for Students

Age 11 to 20 years

A recent survey by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences reveal that about 7 to 8 percent of Indian high school students have attempted suicide in a year and around 20 percent of the children had subclinical depression. These statistics show the rising level of stress in students in India. What is causing this stress? And How to Deal with it?

Often, we ask ourselves – do children have stress? Yet, when we talk to children, we realize that their minds mirror the violence of the world. Exposure to violence and other traumatic events can affect child’s ability to relate to others and to successfully manage emotions.

There is too much exposure to multimedia even when children’s minds are too delicate to handle it. Problems associated with growing up–peer pressure, bullying, family trouble, and concentration issues.

In the classroom setting, these can lead to poor behaviour, attention deficiency, lower grades along with increased incidences of suicides, teen pregnancy etc.

If we need children to grow into balanced, progressive individuals, they need to be given tools and proper guidance to handle stress and to channelize their minds.

The Art of Living Student Helpline does exactly that.

Our Team consists of trained individuals who provide step by step guidance and set of tools for making a child cope with fast changing circumstances and help him/her to bounce back with vigor and joy.

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